🐶🐱🦮House- and petsitting service🦮🐱🐶

How often you might have wondered what it would be like if your furry friends also received Reiki on a more regular basis and how much better they would feel during your travels, if they were allowed to stay comfortably in their familiar surroundings during that time?

I have been looking after apartments/houses and beloved pets during my travels for many years. This has evolved from occasional “favours” for friends and is nowadays a much beloved professional job, as part of my work, which gives me great joy.

For you, as a home and pet owner, it is of course a much better option during your travels than putting your furry friends in a kennel (or always asking favours from friends): the associated stress of being in a different environment (we all know that especially cats don’t like that at all), with the noise and energies of the other animals, the feeling of being abandoned…. it is common knowledge that this is very unpleasant or even traumatic for many animals and many of them need some time afterwards, until they can “get back to normal”.

I am also often booked to “just” look after the flat or house, staying/living there during your absence.

Unfortunately, in our society, with the current problems of housing shortages etc. it is becoming more and more common for properties to be “occupied” or burgled. We all know people, to whom that have happened.

With an experienced, responsible house sitter, this danger can be countered: everyone knows that a house where someone lives is much less likely to be broken into (and not been occupied either) than a property that is empty; even if that might only be for 1- 2 weeks, but with a house sitter this can be prevent.

You can book me or somebody of my team for house-sitting, with or without pets and additionally an energetic cleaning for house and pet(s) if desired.

Important: I come to you as a house/animal carer, not as a cleaner or to tidy up! That means, your property should be in normal conditions, clean and tidy, and that is how it will be handed over at the end.

Whether it’s a smaller flat or a luxurious house, the possibilities are endless.

Your four-legged family (and your plants too) will be lovingly cared for in their familiar home, happy and content in the process, and when you return they will be happy to see you again… No abandonment trauma, no change of location…. Just happy, relaxed animals and a well-maintained home.

Lots of enthusiastic feedbacks and repeatedly bookings from clients confirm this.

Feel free to contact me for a no obligation video call (via the contact form here on the website or via Whatsapp); to talk through the options for/during your trip and to receive a quote.

You may be surprised to find that you can book this personalised service for a very affordable amount, comparable to a boarding kennel: and your four-legged family members and your home will thank you for it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Nabila: https://bit.ly/NabilaJikidenReiki


An excerpt from a very interesting text by Mikao Usui about Reiki, which he wrote around 1922. On the question of what Reiki is and why it can help people.

“To live in peace and health, we need to heal the mind and body. To live with gratitude, to learn to improve our mind and body with exercises; to achieve this, we must first heal the mind and then the body heals all by itself. In this way, the mind and body become one and you can live your life in peace and harmony.”

For Usui sensei, this was the basis for his Reiki therapy and we see that these fundamentals are still relevant, even after almost a century.

In many countries around the world, such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, Reiki therapy is increasingly used in hospitals and integrative therapies. In Spain, for example, I had already given the first conference on Reiki in a medical congress in 2004, and then taught in many hospitals to interested staff.

This was also possible in Germany for a long time, but in recent years natural healing methods like Reiki have unfortunately become more and more restricted all over Europe.

The weight of materialistic thinking that dominates today’s civilization is still an obstacle to our development as healthy, holistic human beings.

Evidence for the effects of Reiki is growing in number and soundness, but the lack of deeper research into its origins and causes leads to a sad denial of its value and of the evidence that already exists.

As Usuie sensei said, “To live in peace and health, we must heal the mind and body.”

Nabila Welk, Shihan Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai, spiritual guide, instructor and therapist

和歌 WAKA – The poems of emperor Meiji

In Mikao Usui’s time, the then Emperor Meiji was known as a very sensitive person with a deep spirituality.
🌺 It is said that he expressed his deepest feelings in short poems, the Japanese “Waka” 和歌 and wrote about 10 per day, 100,000 in 27 years.               
Waka is the term used to describe the classical form of Japanese poetry. (more on Wikipedia)
Mikao Usui, who deeply admired Emperor Meiji, selected 125 of these poems as an additional tool for achieving spiritual growth.
Hayashi Sensei himself used these waka along with the GOKAI to practice Reiki.
The Usui Reiki RYOHO Gakkai, founded by Usui Sensei, used and studied them as a means of cultivating the spirit.

🌺 The guide in which they were published states, “…the goal is to develop both physically and mentally.”

In this way, we can stay healthy and become so again, and also share it with others.
We can promote peace, prosperity and happiness in our homes, in our country and throughout the world.

Here is one of Emperor Meji’s waka’s (translation from Japanese by Rika Tanaka …):

❤️ …No matter how far you go, as long as you take the right path, nothing dangerous will come to you…❤️

By Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki shihan, spiritual guide, therapist and instructor.

Foto: ©️Nabila Welk

🌹Distance healing: are you kidding me?🌹

Energy healing is a somewhat suspicious thing for many people at first view. Understandable if you are used to going to the doctor for every little thing and – like my baby boomer generation, for example – used to get strong antibiotics immediately even for a slight cold.

Antibiotics have not been prescribed for every little thing for a long time, but “over the counter” drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen are still part of daily life for lots of people ….

Fortunately, that has changed somewhat today, we are becoming more conscious about our diet and that we lead a healthy lifestyle as much possible.

Reiki has now been practised for almost 100 years and more and more people are using this natural, side effect free remedy to maintain and regain their health.

In my more than 25 years of experience as a Reiki therapist and teacher, I have trained many thousands of people in Reiki, including many doctors and therapists who want to combine natural healing methods with modern medicine.

The awareness to keep healthy in a natural way is growing and energy healing is getting more acceptance every day: because people see and feel that it helps; moreover WITHOUT negative side effects.

But healing at a distance? When I talk about it, I often get sceptical looks or even blank faces.

Completely understandable, it is quite strange to think that you can help someone when that person is not present and maybe even thousands of miles away; even across the sea (this was the comment of a student’s mother many years ago when she sent her several distance healings. Her mother was in the north of Spain and my student was on Lanzarote. The mother was thrilled with the results of her treatments but could not imagine how it could work even “across the great ocean”. )

Especially in our difficult times, when we cannot travel as easily as normal, many therapy centres are closed and yet more and more people need treatment, distance healing or distance Reiki is a wonderful, very effective alternative that is available for everyone.

🌺 What does “DISTANCE HEALING” mean and involve?

First of all: this is not an “invention” of the New Age or from Reiki, but something that humanity has been proven to practice for thousands of years.

There have even been drawings found in the pyramids and ancient caves depicting people sending healing at a distance.

🌺 How can this work?

Sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? But honestly, haven’t you ever had the experience of “feeling something” or thinking about a certain person and then they called you a moment later or you ran into them? Or you have a train of thought and shortly afterwards exactly that happens (and in this case I mean something that had nothing at all to do with your current situation or environment) that coincides exactly with this train of thought?

You see: for sure now you have been remembering something.

Energy is independent of distance and thus also makes it possible to treat someone who is not physically with you.

🌺 What is distance healing in traditional (=Jikiden) Reiki?

As described above, distance healing has (probably) existed as long as there have been people. As with energy healing in general, there have always been people who were born with it and could practise it without prior, conscious knowledge, and others who had to study it and learn it consciously.

In Jikiden Reiki, ENKAKU Reiki (distance healing) is performed in a very specific, fixed way that anyone can learn – and it works.

Master Usui, the founder of traditional Japanese Reiki, studied for many years the different ways of sending energy at a distance: with the result that he developed a very effective method that anyone can perform. This he called ENKAKU Reiki.

Mind you, he did not invent distance healing per se but only a specific method of healing at a distance.

The essential thing is that the person can be anywhere, in the same room or on another continent, completely unimportant.

Understandably, I am not allowed to give you any details here, but only an overview; in the second part of the Reiki training, Okuden, Enkaku Reiki is taught and practised quite intensively: the astonished, enthusiastic faces of the participants then speak for itself.

Generally, a treatment at a distance is the same as being physically present with the person.

First you make an appointment with the person so that you can both “connect”. Sometimes I am asked if you could do something else during receiving the treatment….

Let’s see…. well,yes; but should you want to do that, then you have to find someone else as a therapist. Honestly, no serious therapist will allow you to work, do sports or whatever during a treatment.

Why? Seriously? Maybe you’ve seen a movie where someone was getting a massage and talking on the phone. Whoever allows this as a therapist, to put it simply: is no good and only wants your money; he simply doesn’t care about your well-being.

Just as with a direct Reiki treatment, you can have the same experiences with a distance treatment: sudden tiredness (and with it that you might fall asleep), tingling, cold, warmth, emotional outbursts… a distance healing is just as effective and powerful as if the hands were directly on you. Relaxation is one of the basics for a successful therapy, be it a massage, a Reiki treatment or whatever…

This also clarifies whether you can do something else during the treatment… 😉 Nobody wants to be driving, maybe cooking or giving a conference and then suddenly fall asleep, right?

After I have agreed with the person and explained how the treatment will proceed, they are asked to lie down comfortably in a quiet environment and exclude all outside influences, e.g. by mobile phone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bed or a sofa, the main thing is to be comfortable and un quietness.

Then I work with the persona just as calmly as if it were in my therapy room and after the agreed time we connect again via phone or Zoom to talk briefly about the session.

You see, everything is exactly as if Reiki therapist and receiver were sitting together.

The results are as well, so it is important to inform the person in the same way about the procedure and possible sensations during the treatment.

Often distance healing is offered for a much shorter time than direct sessions. There is nothing wrong with this, but to be very clear: just like in a direct treatment, 30 minutes is 30 minutes and 60 is 60. I repeat myself to be very clear: a distance healing has the same effect as a direct treatment and also takes the same time!

If you would like to experience an Enkaku treatment, please contact me via WhatsApp: bit.ly/NabilaJikidenReiki

Nabila Welk, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, therapist and instructor

💓Learn Reiki for a better world💓

Learning Reiki is a way to a new connection with the universe and the deepest part of our human being. This is natural, because we are part of the universe.

Our ego and the system of life it creates has gradually led us to ignore this basic fact and to a critical situation in many different aspects.

We have lost our inner peace and thus we have moved away from understanding and compassion for everything around us: we have fallen into existential emptiness, anxiety and fear.

💥Reiki (The Universal Energy) is order and harmony.💥

When we learn Reiki, this order and harmony gradually returns to our mind and genuine self. Likewise, the same thing happens when we give Reiki to others: the result is a very powerful chain of transformation.

💓Like a positive light that expands and spreads….💓

If we would all return to our inner peace, we could see the dream “A BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE” come reality.

From Mikao Usui, founder of Japanese Reiki.

Honestly, we all know this too, TRUE?

💕It is good for YOU and ME, it is GOOD FOR EVERYONE. 💕

By: Nabila Welk, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Therapist and a happy Light for Your Path.


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March 2023, Marbella y CALA DE MIJAS.


Nutritional consultations as well as distance Reiki and readings available online as usual.

WS CHI NEI TSANG abdominal massage, Saturday 25th of March in CALA DE MIJAS



WS CHI NEI TSANG abdominal massage, Sunday 26th of February in LANZAROTE/COSTA TEGUISE, Espacio Carpe Diem.



Complete practitioner training in Jikiden Reiki, Spanish seminar. All class material can be provided in English, but basic Spanish language is essential.

ES Curso reiki TNF



WS Chi Nei Tsang and Jikiden Reiki Training in preparation. Please inbox if you are interested, to be between the first to get details.


Nutritional consultations as well as distance Reiki and readings available online as usual.


You already have a group of people who would like to learn traditional Reiki (for professional and private use) or Chi Nei Tsang for their personal wellbeing?
But not in that area or at another date?

No problem, please send me a message and we can organise something according to your needs. 🌺


🌺 I only teach on demand and do not organise anything myself, though might have already people waiting for more fellow students in my list, so that we can confirm a date for a seminar.

If you are interested in taking a class with me or like to organise one for a group, love it!

Please get in contact with me via the contact page or by WhatsApp (the fastest) and lets talk details.

If you´re interested in English training in Spain or another country and would like to organise a seminar, please feel free to contact for details.

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Maybe you have already asked yourself why you “tick” differently than others? Why you ask yourself different questions about life, why you have different feelings, why you “see and feel” life differently?

On our spiritual path there are many stones that we can either avoid or see as building blocks for our path.

To do this alone is very difficult for many of us; and especially to follow our “spiritual guides”, since we have no one “sitting in front of us” with whom we can “just talk”, like with a human being. We are looking and thirsting for a human support, someone to talk to, who understands us and helps us on this path.

❤️I have walked this path “alone” and it took me quite a while to realize how privileged I actually am with the “direct connection”; however, this is also very difficult and that is what people like me are there for, who can help others who do not have to walk alone on their path.

🌺This now is a big part of my destiny in life and also gives me a lot of strength and joy: to see that I can help others with a conversation and my example for their way.

To make it easier to get in touch, I recently started to offer another way of getting connected and to talk.

🔥Since recently, you can also connect for our conversations quite easily, without having to make a Zoom appointment beforehand (this will of course still be possible), simply by a phone call.

I hope that this will be an option that will also be gladly accepted.

💥What’s the difference to an arranged Zoom call?💥

You can just call on the following phone advisor number without prior appointment through this website.

If I am free and connected, I will answer your call immediately and we can talk calmly and discuss your problems, doubts and what is on your mind.

You don’t have to pay in advance, you will be charged per minute on your phone bill. That’s all you have to do, everything else is automatic and you don’t have to stress about it.

The advantage for you is not only that you don’t have to make a fixed appointment and transfer the money in advance, but also that you are only charged for the time we actually talk.

So not automatically making an at least one hour appointment, but really only the minutes that we are connected by phone.

🔥You can reach me via this number🔥. (at the moment ONLY FROM GERMANY):

0900 1000 474 (1.99€/min. from a German landline – 2.99€/min. from a mobile network in Germany).

You will not be put on hold and you will not be charged if I am not available. Only the minutes when we are connected and talking.

If you still want to make a Zoom appointment, you can do so as before by sending me a request with 3 possible dates (date and times). I will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm it.

Wish you a wonderful day with many interesting encounters.


Traditional reiki by spiritual guide & medium. Therapy & coaching: with passion, love & dedication for a happy life full of abundance. First officially authorised Jikiden Reiki center in Spain since 2007 by shihan Nabila G. Welk ナビーラ・G.ヴェルク.

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