🌹Distance healing: are you kidding me?🌹

Energy healing is a somewhat suspicious thing for many people at first view. Understandable if you are used to going to the doctor for every little thing and – like my baby boomer generation, for example – used to get strong antibiotics immediately even for a slight cold.

Fortunately, that has changed somewhat today, we are becoming more conscious about our diet and that we lead a healthy lifestyle as much possible.

Antibiotics have not been prescribed for every little thing for a long time, but “over the counter” drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen are still part of daily life for lots of people ….

Reiki has now been practised for almost 100 years and more and more people are using this natural, side effect free remedy to maintain and regain their health.

In my more than 25 years of experience as a Reiki therapist and teacher, I have trained many thousands of people in Reiki, including many doctors and therapists who want to combine natural healing methods with modern medicine.

The awareness to keep healthy in a natural way is growing and energy healing is getting more acceptance every day: because people see and feel that it helps; moreover WITHOUT negative side effects.

But healing at a distance? When I talk about it, I often get sceptical looks or even blank faces.

Completely understandable, it is quite strange to think that you can help someone when that person is not present and maybe even thousands of miles away; even across the sea (this was the comment of a student’s mother many years ago when she sent her several distance healings. Her mother was in the north of Spain and my student was on Lanzarote. The mother was thrilled with the results of her treatments but could not imagine how it could work even “across the great ocean”. )

Especially in our difficult times, when we cannot travel as easily as normal, many therapy centres are closed and yet more and more people need treatment, distance healing or distance Reiki is a wonderful, very effective alternative that is available for everyone.

🌺 What does “DISTANCE HEALING” mean and involve?

First of all: this is not an “invention” of the New Age or from Reiki, but something that humanity has been proven to practice for thousands of years.

There have even been drawings found in the pyramids and ancient caves depicting people sending healing at a distance.

🌺 How can this work?

Sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? But honestly, haven’t you ever had the experience of “feeling something” or thinking about a certain person and then they called you a moment later or you ran into them? Or you have a train of thought and shortly afterwards exactly that happens (and in this case I mean something that had nothing at all to do with your current situation or environment) that coincides exactly with this train of thought?

You see: for sure now you have been remembering something.

Energy is independent of distance and thus also makes it possible to treat someone who is not physically with you.

🌺 What is distance healing in traditional (=Jikiden) Reiki?

As described above, distance healing has (probably) existed as long as there have been people. As with energy healing in general, there have always been people who were born with it and could practise it without prior, conscious knowledge, and others who had to study it and learn it consciously.

In Jikiden Reiki, ENKAKU Reiki (distance healing) is performed in a very specific, fixed way that anyone can learn – and it works.

Master Usui, the founder of traditional Japanese Reiki, studied for many years the different ways of sending energy at a distance: with the result that he developed a very effective method that anyone can perform. This he called ENKAKU Reiki.

Mind you, he did not invent distance healing per se but only a specific method of healing at a distance.

The essential thing is that the person can be anywhere, in the same room or on another continent, completely unimportant.

Understandably, I am not allowed to give you any details here, but only an overview; in the second part of the Reiki training, Okuden, Enkaku Reiki is taught and practised quite intensively: the astonished, enthusiastic faces of the participants then speak for itself.

Generally, a treatment at a distance is the same as being physically present with the person.

First you make an appointment with the person so that you can both “connect”. Sometimes I am asked if you could do something else during receiving the treatment….

Let’s see…. well,yes; but should you want to do that, then you have to find someone else as a therapist. Honestly, no serious therapist will allow you to work, do sports or whatever during a treatment.

Why? Seriously? Maybe you’ve seen a movie where someone was getting a massage and talking on the phone. Whoever allows this as a therapist, to put it simply: is no good and only wants your money; he simply doesn’t care about your well-being.

Just as with a direct Reiki treatment, you can have the same experiences with a distance treatment: sudden tiredness (and with it that you might fall asleep), tingling, cold, warmth, emotional outbursts… a distance healing is just as effective and powerful as if the hands were directly on you. Relaxation is one of the basics for a successful therapy, be it a massage, a Reiki treatment or whatever…

This also clarifies whether you can do something else during the treatment… 😉 Nobody wants to be driving, maybe cooking or giving a conference and then suddenly fall asleep, right?

After I have agreed with the person and explained how the treatment will proceed, they are asked to lie down comfortably in a quiet environment and exclude all outside influences, e.g. by mobile phone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bed or a sofa, the main thing is to be comfortable and un quietness.

Then I work with the persona just as calmly as if it were in my therapy room and after the agreed time we connect again via phone or Zoom to talk briefly about the session.

You see, everything is exactly as if Reiki therapist and receiver were sitting together.

The results are as well, so it is important to inform the person in the same way about the procedure and possible sensations during the treatment.

Often distance healing is offered for a much shorter time than direct sessions. There is nothing wrong with this, but to be very clear: just like in a direct treatment, 30 minutes is 30 minutes and 60 is 60. I repeat myself to be very clear: a distance healing has the same effect as a direct treatment and also takes the same time!

If you would like to experience an Enkaku treatment, please contact me via WhatsApp: bit.ly/NabilaJikidenReiki

Nabila Welk, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, therapist and instructor

💓Learn Reiki for a better world💓

Learning Reiki is a way to a new connection with the universe and the deepest part of our human being. This is natural, because we are part of the universe.

Our ego and the system of life it creates has gradually led us to ignore this basic fact and to a critical situation in many different aspects.

We have lost our inner peace and thus we have moved away from understanding and compassion for everything around us: we have fallen into existential emptiness, anxiety and fear.

💥Reiki (The Universal Energy) is order and harmony.💥

When we learn Reiki, this order and harmony gradually returns to our mind and genuine self. Likewise, the same thing happens when we give Reiki to others: the result is a very powerful chain of transformation.

💓Like a positive light that expands and spreads….💓

If we would all return to our inner peace, we could see the dream “A BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE” come reality.

From Mikao Usui, founder of Japanese Reiki.

Honestly, we all know this too, TRUE?

💕It is good for YOU and ME, it is GOOD FOR EVERYONE. 💕

By: Nabila Welk, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Therapist and a happy Light for Your Path.


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🌺 Specially now in these stressful times that not only have been affected our emotions but also our immune system and health in general, studying and applying Jikiden Reiki is more than ever a natural way to regain strength and wellbeing: an investment not only for the moment but for your entire life.

🌺 JIKIDEN REIKI aims to boost the body’s natural healing ability, without drugs, products or painful interventions and is a natural tool that you can use your whole life, applying on yourself and on others.

Please write to: bit.ly/NabilaJikidenReiki for more info and bookings.

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This page will be constantly updated, please come back and check, if there are more dates and venues available.

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Finding inner peace with Reiki

One of the most desired goals for us human beings is to find happiness and inner peace.

Usui sensei has not been a difference, in contrary.

He was seeking for it most of his life and thanks to his re-searchs, got enlightened and founded the traditional Japanese Reiki system.

So, talking about enlightenment, what exactly does that mean?

In shortly, we can distinguish between Satori and Anyin Riyu Mei.

Enlightenment generally can be explained as an awakening to your true nature of understanding and comprehension, your essence.

This is your most natural state in which you are born, in complete peace of mind, without fears, worries nor doubts.

Unfortunately, during our life we get unbalanced and lose this natural, healthy state and not only get physically, emotionally and mental sick but also unhappy…

SATORI 悟り is a Japanese Zen Buddhist term for awakening or comprehension; understanding”. It is derived from the Japanese verb satoru.

It refers to A DEFINED MOMENT of no-mind, of complete presence – happiness. Enlightenment.

Everybody experiences moments of Satori during their lifetime. The moment of giving birth, making divine love, enjoying nature …. you might have had moments of total happiness and peace for a moment: that is Satori. The more spiritually awakened and advanced you are, the more moments like that will be in your life.

Though the human beings search is for eternal enlightenment, we are never satisfied with only “a bit”. The difference is obvious: there is nothing better than this sensation of happiness, this inner peace without fears. All problems get solved by themselves because we are totally in alinement with universe and thus no need to worry… This state of eternal peace of mind is called Anyin Riyu Mei and is the ultimate state of enlightenment.

How can i achieve enlightenment?

Normally there is no easy, direct way to enlightenment and less a “flash” method, though some people are very privileged and achieve it naturally, without seeking.

So again, what can i do to achieve it?

After he achieved his enlightenment himself, Usui sensei told people to give and practise Reiki every day, thus promoting overall health and love to the world. Parts of it was also to chant the Gokai twice a day and to recite the Waka of the Emperor Meiji.


Live in balance…. meditate…. take care not only of your emotional and mental health, but also of your physical health, eating healthy and exercising…

Love others the way you want to be loved: unconditionally. Treat others the way you want to be treated: with respect and kindness….

Nothing special, nothing out of the world: live the best way you can be. Everything else then comes by itself….

By Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki shihan, spiritual guide & therapist.


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