Welcome to my site – ようこそいらっしゃいました

Thanks for visiting my new reiki blog. ❤ ❤ ❤ Love to hear from you here on my site. This site will be primarily in English (in very few occasions in Spanish or German, though you can switch to those languages through clicking on their flags on the upper, right side of this page) and i would love to see interaction with you guys……

If you know me, then you also know that i have been working with reiki for a long time, training people and having them under my hands for some of my beloved sessions. ❤  I am not really keen on writing about it, i prefer working with it! 😉Though, people want to know more about it and it is time, to spread word as well here…. So, I start to tell you about it on this blog; what reiki is for me and what it can be for you as well. How it started and how it spread….and is strongly spreading all over the world every single day.  How i live it every single day and how it makes my life better, happier…..How it can do that for you as well, health for your family, spiritual awareness, how to improve your professional life, your work space, your company….

Literally, everything you can think about, will be bits by bits talked about – and how reiki is involved in it. 🙂

Mostly it will be posts from me, but i will also re-post great articles from collegues and friends of mine. Why write something again, when it already has been done excellently before? I hope you will enjoy this site, interact with comments, share it with your friends and simply feel the love and passion i put into my work in any moment of my life.

Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki shihan in Spain. August 2015

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my site – ようこそいらっしゃいました”

  1. Hi, Nabila.
    I am interested in your seminer in Lanzarote at the end of January. Would you please let me have the details? I would like to do some sightseeing, as never been there.
    Thank you, Atsuko Clement

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