Preparing certificates

What a lovely way to start the day. Just received an envelope from our Kenkyukai in Kyoto with some certificates. 😀

In Jikiden Reiki our students receive two/2 certificates: 1 directly after the seminar, a beautifully designed piece of art (you see, i love them!) in English/Japanese. Thus everybody has a proof, that he/she has attended successfully the seminar.

After the seminar we teacher send a mail to Japan, to get our students registered and thus there they prepare a beautifully, handcrafted certificate in Kanji. An exact replica of the certificates,  Dr. Hayashi sensei handed out to his students.

Now my first task is, to sign/stamp this certificate with my Hanko (Japanese stamp, which counts as an official signature in Japan), to certify that my student has achieved his/her level.


Afterwards, in a quiet ceremony (just me), i attune these certificates as well, so that the words on it have the full reiki power. ❤

Always a beautiful and wonderful moment for me, reflexing again about the days of teaching with this student. 🙂

And then, normally in a very special ceremony, i hand out the Japanese certificates.

Makes me feel so blessed every time. ❤ ❤ ❤

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