reiki, jikiden, canarias, Usui, Hayashi, Lanzarote, Spain, España

VIVA Magazine, 05.08.2004

reiki, jikiden, canarias, Usui, Hayashi, Lanzarote, Spain, España

jikiden, Usui, reiki, salud, bienestar, seminarios, shihan, maestro, Lanzarote, España, canarias

The following article was printed in the magazine VIVA LANZAROTE, edition nº 05 in August 2004. It is about Reiki generally. Jikiden Reiki meetings/share are slightly different.

A journalist asked me for some information about Reiki for an article. He had heard about the topic and the public interest about it but had no personal experience with it, was extremly sceptical about it and was trying to improve his knowledge of the subject.

I invited him to one of my monthly Reiki shares, on which we started with a Vipassana meditation and then exchanged Reiki treatments in the group.

I did my best to translate this article into English, but please excuse some changes because of the specific “Spanish slang”.

Reiki, the different energy

Rediscovered during the golden 20s by the Japanese Mikao Usui, Reiki is a technique to heal, relax and to balance a person on a mental, spiritual and physical level. To achieve this he uses the channelling of an existing power in nature and in any living being; known and used by all cultures since the Neolithic era: the cosmic energy.

A Reiki experience can only be told in first person. It takes a degree of mental openness and of acceptance to something unknown. At the same time it requires faith and blind belief in the Reiki master who applies the treatment. However, it’s not vital to believe in Reiki. A Reiki session contains a certain pre-amble of rituals which are not essential.

The meeting I attended started with a Vipassana meditation, during which one breathes consciously and with pauses; paying total attention in inhaling and exhaling. Surprising to someone who is both not attuned and is sceptical, it works. Then, after removing all metal, watch and coins included, you are invited to lay down – face up – on a bench, with a pillow under your head and knees.

With the lights low and your eyes closed, you are invited to remain relaxed; to relax even more. You can feel that a group of people is laying their hands on your body (on this occasion it was a group treatment. Normally just one person applies the therapy). Some of them lay the hands directly on the skin or the clothes and others hold them, palms downwards, about two or three centimetres above the body.

You don’t see what is happening. You can only sense some hands and a state of relaxation, which increases; and an enormous sensation of inner peace. The closest to this feeling is as during a very profound dream. The arms are heavy, the hands, the legs…. But nonetheless a very comforting sensation… However you perceive what is happening around you. You know that there are people there, know that they are talking sometimes but don’t understand them. It is as if you are in a different dimension.

Some people are so profoundly relaxed that they literally fall asleep and do not wake up before several minutes after finishing the session.

Once rested and awake you feel nicely surprised. Something based in the transmission of the energy – in what you surely do not believe – with a technique which in the beginning seemed to be “Guru-like” left you feeling marvellous; very comfortable, renewed, relaxed and smiling. As we say: “ in good form

remark by the translater “con muy buen rollito’.

At this moment you recognize the result but know little about how you got it.

Now I will tell of the same procedure done on another person.

My friend Vanessa had agreed to cross the line. To receive healing energy from a group of people she did not know at all a few minutes ago. These five unknown people close their eyes; raise their hands and approach her, laying their hands on various parts of the body such as the head, the soles, the chest and the abdomen. Without doubt she is in seventh heaven. However, she emits a comfortable and enormous sensation of peace… The hands and body of the master, Nabila, channel and transmit the cosmic energy which is around into my friend and that way expulse her accumulated negative energy which, in her case, is from her throat. 15 minutes later and after some ritual gestures – such as writing symbols above her body and later expelling “something” which floats in her aura – ends the session. She remains lying down; sleeping. In only three minutes she recovers; at peace with herself and in harmony with everyone and everything….

Returning to sceptics, as I said, only experiencing Reiki can make you believe in its effects. But, what is it? It is a method to channel the cosmic energy, discovered and developed by the Japanese master Mikao Usui. He had a spiritual experience after three weeks of fasting. To compare it to the Western way of thinking, one could say that something similar happened to him as to the mystics – Teresa of Avila, Fray Luis de Leon, San Juan de la Cruz – but he channelled it differently. That happened in the year 1922, four years before he died.

However, since the Neolith era and in nearly all cultures this energy, which flows differently and does not manifest itself in a way as the thermal, the solar etc. was known and used. It is related to the mystical dimension of these peoples, to their beliefs in gods and to the journey after death. Its practise increases the sensibility of perception, the opening of the mind and the ability to receive external stimulation.

Nabila confirms that it is still impossible to explain scientifically how and why. Scientifically it could only be shown – with infrared photos – that energy is transmitted, because sometimes it is manifested as a kind of heat; or cold. It is something spiritual.

Its first aim is to relax. Through this one achieves balancing the inner system that strengthens the natural defences of the organism. The person becomes more positive and calm; feels less vulnerable to damage and is recovering faster and better when something bad does happen.

However, Reiki serves basically to cure. One should not use Reiki for diagnosis but to relieve ills. It has no preconditions or side effects. There are two ways to work on pain: directly, touching the skin or not and throughout the chakras or energetic centres of the body. These are seven principles, lined up vertically as an axle which goes from the root (the point between the genitals and the anus) and the central point on the skull. In between these: the naval area, the diaphragm or solar plexus, the heart (sternum, right in the centre of this bone), the throat and the third eye (between the eyebrows).

Lately modern medicine has become more accepting of Reiki and of similar techniques as a complementary to traditional medicine. For one reason, because it can release sudden pains such as tooth ache or ear ache; this does not preclude a post treatment with antibiotics. It can also relieve migraines and asthma. Applied above the plaster on a broken bone Reiki can accelerate its healing process.

Reiki is an “intelligent technique”, working exactly on the source of a symptom or pain. Obviously it is important to apply this energy correctly and to know how to finish the treatment, closing down the circle. In this sense the feet act as a connecting line to the ground. The excessive energy in the body has to leave through them, to avoid a generally bad sensation and dizziness. Anyway, if that happens a day after a successfully performed treatment that ended with a good sensation it can be an indication of a healing crisis.

(Luis Miguel Coloma)

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