Do you meditate?

Scientific search shows, that as little as only 10 minutes MEDITATION daily can improve your well-being.

Not bad, only a few minutes daily to feel better….

“But i cannot meditate” i often hear from people. So, why not?

There seem to be a common misunderstanding about what meditation is. Lots of people have an image in their mind of sitting cross-legged (the first challenge!),eyes half closed and chanting OM.  All very strange and uncomfortable, specially for a Western cultured person. 😉

Lanzarote, yoga, meditación, Kyoto, Jikiden Reiki, Usui, Yamaguchi, Petter, Kuramayama

Makes me smile…. Though, not totally wrong. This COULD be ONE way to meditate, one of many.

Meditation probably exist as long as the human being and there are some old written records from as old as about 1500 years BC. We have proof that it has been practised in many different cultures, thus not “only” an eastern practise.

So, what are we talking about now? What is meditation?

Actually very simple. In shortly, you can understand meditation as a state of deep peace, which occurs when the mind is calm and silent.

Which means, YOU actually CAN meditate ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

Doing enjoyable gardening as well as standing in the supermarket line, sitting in Lotus in your meditation space or in your yoga class – all is possible. I personally like the Lotus position and meditate in it at the beach or in a vulcano (and am used to it, thus nothing strange or uncomfortable for me), though starting most of my days with a 15-20 minutes meditation still lying in bed, right after waking up (and giving reiki to me then as well)…

There are many different ways of meditation, sitting in silence, walking meditations, dancing….

There is for sure also a way for YOU.

So, why not try?

I will go deeper into this topic, explain different techniques and the studies related to it in future blogs.  Also the relation (or non-relation) to reiki.


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