When the end is part of the journey – I’m coming home

Lanzarote, canary islands, Spain, inner peace, love, Usui, reiki, spirituell

Japanese culture has lots of influences from the ancient times of Shintoism. Even with buddhism being the strongest religion nowadays, there are still lots of religious celebrations and traditions, which are based from those former times.

Sometimes you can even see it in the language. For example, in Shintoism does not exist a similar word to the word “death” in English, but something like: “return to home” or “coming home”.


A moment of happiness and inner peace, very different to the idea in our Western society and the fears and implications of the Western word.

Which also means, being part of our life and not its end.

Enjoying every single moment in life, “bad” as well as “good” moments; without any valuation, taking every instant of it as a gift and celebrating it….

Often that is not easy and sometimes even very painful. Though, it fills you with joy – and then you come home!

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