Health & Wellbeing with Essential Oils

Essential oils: A miracle from the plant

Who doesn´t like an exquisite essence with a wonderful fragrance in their body moisture, bath tub or as a room freshener? A delicate perfume to open your senses?

We all like that, don´t we? 🙂

Nature supports us not only with some delicate flavours, but also with natural and healthy remedies, which can be applied in cases of “ill”-being and thus support to recover our wellbeing. A natural remedy, not to be missed in any medicine cabinet.

Lots of people buy their products either in the supermarket, in a perfume shop or in a health food shop. What most of them don´t know is, that they often get a product with artificial fragrance and not natural ones, which means a huge difference in quality and which are not always that healthy.

You can see that right away: a premium product with natural ingredients and natural essential oils is always higher in price, due to its more extended way of cultivation and processing of the ingredients.

An essential oil has all the goodness and antioxidants of the flower and plant in it; thus it works directly on the brain and is beneficial for the body as well as to be able to initiate positive processes in it.

Simply applying the essential oil on the skin (under the shower or in the bathtub, body lotion, body oil, body wrap), inhaling it (with the help of an oil lamp, inhalation bath) and other ways, it can start a releasing effect, relaxing, energizing, cleansing, refreshing etc.

Essential oils are made of one plant or also of a blend of two or more.

I personally like mixtures a lot, because thus I can focus directly on the symptom and cause of a problem, which is not always possible with only one oil; a wider benefit right away. On top i can create my own, personal  “perfume” and have a wider variety, which is simply nice (and gives me lots of compliments).

To prepare an essential oil, you can use the flower, the leaf and also parts of the plant stem, root and plants bark. Literally the whole plant.

One of the major difference of an “essential” oil to a “normal” one is to be seen in its density.

An essential oil is more like a fragrance in fluid form than an oil in its common way. When it gets in contact with the air, it quickly evaporates and what stays is an impression of “something”,  a subtle and delicious fragrance.

The base for a high quality essential oil are wild plants from a healthy, “clean” area, without pestizides, herbizides or fungizides and preferribly no industry or pollution through water and air; the plant can also be harvest from organic cultivation. The product should get the “100% pure essential oil” qualification on its label, so that the customer knows, that it is not mixed with lower quality ingredients or artificial fragrances; thus you have the guarantee to get a premium product for best health benefits.

 You can feel the difference right away, when applying the oil: you only need a few drops to receive the full benefit of it.
Essential oil as a natural remedie
Since ancient times, many of the healthy benefits of an essential oil have been known; in Egypt as well as in China, in old Germania as well as in India, the fragrances from plants have been used to cure, to cleanse and to  perfume.
Since then nothing has changed and we still can benefit from nature.
Modern science confirms many of their benefits, for example its harmonizing effect on the hormons and its ability in stopping bacteria grow.

Mixing a BASE OIL (for example sweet almond oil, coconut and sesame oil)  with some drops of an essential oil supports health and wellbeing.

If you suffer from an unbalance in your system, an aromatherapy can do miracles; all in a healthy and natural way.

An experienced aroma therapist can support the healing of skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, release symptoms of menopause and menstruation, emotional problems, insomnia and many more.

Thanks to the abundancy of plants and possible combinations of their essential oils, there are unlimited possibilities to support the healing of any physical and emotional problem.

To mention just a few of the many plants, which are used to produce an essential oil: rose, LAVENDER, rosemary, chamomile, PEPPERMINT, LEMON, cinnamon, ylang ylang, orange, eucalyptus and clove bud are very common There is no limitation, each plant has its benefits and different fragrances.

I specially recommend ESSENTIAL OILS of premium quality; the higher the quality, the better the benefits.

Personally I frequently apply essential oils on my skin as well as in the air of my rooms.

In wintertime for example i use a lot to support my immune system, to maintain healthy and strong and DEFENSE is wonderful, a perfect balanced blend of essential oils made of clove bud, orange, cinnamon bark, rosemary, frankinsense, eucalyptus and juniper berry.

I simply add a few drops of it into the water of my heater and the entire room starts to have a subtle, rich smell and at the same time supports my immune system.

Enjoying what nature gives us!  🙂

By Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, therapist & coach.


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