MAKKO-HO for your meridians

 Ying yang, Makko-Ho, Lanzarote, Shiatsu, Reiki, innerer Frieden, Gesundheit

Makko-Ho are part of Shiatsu technique, not a traditional Reiki technique. 🙂

A wonderful complementary at any moment of life, you can perform them anywhere and at any time to promote physical, emotional, mental and generally energetical fitness.

Practise just one of them, if you like to support a specific meridian; though, the benefits of performing a routine of all of them together are unlimited: more flexibility and strenghts for joints, tendons and muscles, a quieter state of mind (it is very meditativ) and a generally better sensation of calmness and wellbeing.

All you need is a quiet place, a not to hard base/floor to sit (specially for no. 2), may be a yoga or gym mat, comfortable clothes and about 10 minutes – nothing else.


1. Lungs & Large Intestine

• Standing, hands behind the back, thumbs linked

• Inhale profoundly into your lower belly (Hara)

• Stretch out your fingers and visualize, that your entire body fills with energy (CHI), right into your fingertips

• Exhale and bend slowly forward

• Stay in this position and breath through your Hara; let all tension go.  Repeat 3 sets of breathing and visualize all the time, how CHI espands into all your cells

• Inhale and when exhaling, slowly roll up into your starter position

• REPEAT ALL with your thumbs linked the other way

2. Stomach & Spleen

• Three levels of difficulties, please start with the easiest (1st) one

1. Level

1. Sit between your knees/legs

2. Inhale profoundly into your Hara

3. Exhale, lay your hands behind you on the floor

4. Relax your body, allow your head to fall backwards

5. Eyes opened, look back/upwards

6. 2 sets of breathing

If this is your fitness level, then slowly move up into your starter position and go on with the next Makko-Ho

• 2. Level

1. After 6. and the next breath, move further down exhaling, raise your hips slightly and lie your arms behind you on the floor

2. 2  sets of breathing

If this is your fitness level, then slowly move up into your starter position and go on with the next Makko-Ho

• 3. Level

1. Inhale and when exhaling, move further down until your body lies totally flat on the floor. At the same time move your arms over your head, resting them on the floor

2. 2 sets of breathing

3. Move up carefully with the 4th exhale

The more you bring your knees together, the more challenging

3. Heart & Small Intestine

• Sit on the floor, both feet facing each other, legs/knees relaxed opening, back straight

• Inhale and hold your feet

• Exhale, release your tension and allow your body to fall (slowly) forward, until head and arms lie on the floor

• 2 sets of breathing

• Roll up slowly after the 4th exhale

4. Kidneys & Blatter

• Sit with legs straight forward, relax

• Inhale, stretch arms upward

• Exhale, stretch out forward

• Inhale profoudly into your Hara and when exhale, try to touch your toes (go as far as you can)

• Inhale, exhale and release over your knees

• 2 sets of breathing

• Inhale, exhale and slowly roll up upwards into your starter position

5. Heart Protector & Triple Warmer

• Sit with straight back, legs crossed

• Cross your arms, lay your hands on your knees

  •  Inhale profoundly
  • Exhale and relax forward over your legs, head on the floor

• 2 sets of breathing

• Move upwards with the 4th exhale

• REPEAT ON THE OTHER SIDE, legs and arms crossed the other way

6. Liver & Gallbladder

• Sit on the floor, legs opened as wide as you can, back straight

• Link your hands, stretch out upwards

• Inhale profoundly, turn your body to the right

• Exhale and slowly move down to your right leg, facing the left one but looking at your right foot

• 2 sets of breathing

• Move up after the 4th exhale


  • Finish with a slow stretch forward
  • 2 sets of breathing, relaxing on your legs
  • Move up with your 4th exhale

Disclaimer:     As always:

Makko-Ho have been practised for centuries to help people to live a healthier and happier life; though, performing them accuratly is essential and only achievable with taking some classes with an experienced teacher or therapist; only reading this article is not enough!

It does not substitute a proper training and in case that you suffer from an illness or have health problems, you should consult your physician before practising.

The author does not take any responsibility for damages due to the practise of this technique.

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