Why could it be beneficial to repeat a Reiki training/seminar?

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I frequently get asked by new students as well as by other reiki practitioners, why we (jikiden reiki teachers and our institute) recommend, to repeat the seminars or at least parts of it as well as Reiju (attunements), additionally to frequent practise.

One part of having received a Reiju means you can transmit Reiki to anybody. Knowing what it exactly is, involves a lot more. You learn that in the seminar.

Once you are “fully” attuned, that is something nobody can ever take away from you; though you will notice that more practise gives you a better understanding of what you sense during a reiki session. You might even get the feeling, that your energy flow raises.

Usui sensei recommended to all of his practitioners (even that they were sharing/giving Reiki frequently), to receive Reiju at least once a month. Not, because it starts to vanish with the time (when you did the seminar, you know that this is not the point), but because it keeps you stronger.

Even as a shihan (teacher) i personally love to receive and to exchange Reiju once in a while with a fellow shihan or – if the opportunity comes up – with my teachers. 

It’s a wonderful, soothing and beautiful experience and thus i also offer these Reiju repetitions (Reiju Kai) frequently to all Jikiden Reiki practitioners.

As a shihan i also still join frequently seminars, to refresh what i learned. I cannot even say how often i have been in a shoden/okuden/shihan-kaku/shihan seminar, i take all opportunities to do it again and again; from my teachers as well as from other teachers.

You might ask why. A shihan, teaching for over 10 years Jikiden Reiki, with many years of Reiki experience before and still going to seminars…..❓❓❓

There are several reasons:

1. I receive Reiju (see above) ❤️

2. There is always something i learn. Not necessary something new (traditional means, that we teach the original, genuine way and nothing else; thus it is always the same, no matter who teaches it), but every teacher has a different way of explaining.

3. As a teacher i love to give the best to my students; going to Tadao Yamaguchis and Arjava Petters seminars often means, getting directly new developments told about Japanese Reiki history etc. Both of them receive frequently written documents such as certificates, manuals about traditional Japanese Reiki as well as contacts from people, whose families have been practising it for decades and thus more enrichible knowledge.

4. The exchange with other fellow students, no matter if beginners or shihans is very valuable. With Jikiden Reiki and its world wide community you are never alone and always very supported, and re-joining a seminar gives you direct inputs again.

5. If you want to be a teacher (shihan-kaku, shihan), it is obligatory to repeat shoden+okuden, to feel confident about what you will be teaching then.

Simply said: it’s great and very beneficial to refresh, no matter if you do Reiki for yourself and your family or if you are a professional therapist or teacher!

There are lots of beneficial reasons and i recommend from my heart to take advantage of these opportunities.


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