BYOSEN – The Core of Reiki

Kurama Yama
Kurama Yama

Everybody who gives Reiki has experienced some kind of “reaction” or “sensation” in their hands.

Often mistaken as “negative energy” coming out from the receiver, Mikao Usui defined this energy/sensation as: BYO SEN.

The Byosen is a sign of life, the frequency experienced when giving Reiki to an injured, ill or simply tense body.

It can be felt all over the body when giving Reiki to somebody else as well as to yourself, though because of the variety of impressions, it shows to be easier to feel it on another person than yourself and more on certain areas.

Although the Byosen can be sensed in many ways, there are five main levels, which are discovered by most practitioners. As a Jikiden Reiki practitioner, you learn all about the Byosen in our Shoden seminars.

You might feel something different to those as well, which is totally fine.

The five levels are:

  1. On-Netsu (heat)
  2. Atsui-On-Netsu (strong heat)
  3. Piri-Piri-Kan (Tingling)
  4. Hibiki (Pulsation)
  5. Itami (Pain)

Experiencing these levels you might notice that they are not always clearly defined but kind of mixed such as: you might feel 2 and 3 at the same time, a strong heat and tingling going with it.

Some people also have different perceptions to the sensations in their hands, such as seeing, smelling or hearing etc. the Byosen. Don’t be afraid, it is great if you have these abilities as well and go on practicing. The more you give Reiki, the earlier you will know what your sensations mean.

Knowing about the Byosen will help you a lot in your everyday Reiki practice and can give you a lot of insights into your receivers’ physical health.

By: Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki shihan, spiritual guide, therapist & coach.



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