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Why can Reiki be empowering in sport?

For many people the first thing which comes into mind when they hear the word reiki is: “relaxation”.

If they already came along it at all…. 😉

Surprisingly, lots of people still have never heard about reiki and are wondering about it: its wide variety of benefits, apart from deep relaxation; actually, reiki can be applied and can work beneficial on all stages of life and for all kind of purposes.

Living on a “sports island”, Lanzarote, which is one of the hardest places to compete as an Ironman/Ironwoman and an island, which has been visited by innumerous athletes from all over the world to get prepared for their competitions,  I work frequently and closely with some of them.

To get massage, watch their nutrition and for professional athletes as well mental coaching is something quite “normal”, but to get a reiki treatment or to learn reiki to improve stamina and performance, is yet not that common.

Having been a professional dancer for three decades, I am convinced that the benefits of reiki are a mayor plus for any professional athlete and I love to transmit this to the people i work with.


Here a few, important points:

1. Reiki supports overall wellbeing

2. Reiki supports elimination of toxins and better physical health

3. Reiki supports mental strength and motivation

4. Reiki supports recovery after training and competition

5.  Reiki supports a faster recovery after injuries with less need of medication

Although traditional (jikiden) Reiki has a strong focus on physical healing, working on the mental/emotional level is an important part (taught in the second level, Okuden) and a great tool for an athlete to enhance his performance.

Receiving Reiki treatments as part of the preparation for a competition can make a huge difference in the outcome – and can help the athlete as the last, important step to achieve his goals.

By: Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki shihan, therapist, nutritionist & coach.

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