Reiju 靈授 – Literally “attunement” or “what”? 🌟

On my page REIJU you can find a short introduction what Reiju involves, using the term “attunement” as its translation.

Though “attunement” is the common Western version, we can also use “empowerment”, that might even be a deeper idea about what Reiju provides. In Western world it shows a way to connect to Reiki power, to use Reiki instantly.

In any way it still is very different to the Japanese concept of Reiju. To give somebody power or turn them into a certain frequency is not a proper part of the Japanese concept.

Mikao Usui, the “founder” of the Reiki concept, realised pretty fast after his “enlightenment”, that every human being could use Reiki, though mostly a new way was needed to get “re-connected”.

One of his biggest achievement was to create REIJU, to  re-connect or re-activate Reiki into people, thus he used old ideas from Shinto over Budism to habilitate the person to heal.

By receiving this beautiful ceremony between student and teacher, now literally everybody could heal; though many people thought that must be something phoney, considering that such a wonderful and powerful thing could be done without any longterm, prior studies.

Well, anybody who has been lucky enough to receive a reiki treatment, no matter if  by a beginner or an experienced practitioner, knows that it works, that Mikao Usui found the correct way to it.

That simple it is! And yes, it is that simple. 🌺

Thanks to Mikao Usui, everybody can heal – no matter, if directly/naturally or through his concept of Reiju.

By Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki shihan, spiritual guide, medium and coach.

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