Reiki is one of the best ways to support your general wellbeing; though, to maintain healthy on all levels, body, emotions and mental fitness, you will need more than reiki sessions once in a while. A balanced life is the best basis to feel good.

Everybody knows, that frequent exercise (for example 30 minutes walking,                 YOGA) as well as a good, balanced diet are the basis to feel good and to maintain healthy.

Unfortunately eating well and balanced nowadays does not necessarily guarantee an optimal input of nutrients and thus perfect functioning of our bodies.

It is commonly known that fruits and veggies in our times are far away of having the same amount of nutrients as they had for example about 20 years ago.

The reason, that scientists and nutritionist have been recommending over a long time, to eat more fruit and vegetables: up to 5x more than the originally recommended amount!

You see, nearly impossible for most people to eat that much every day…..

The results are disturbing: lack of balance in your body and symptoms such as tiredness up to chronic fatigue and head ache, to mention but a few and in its worse case a serious dis-ease.

Reiki can help, though there is an essential lack of vital parts in the body.

The good thing is that there are other possibilities with nutritional supplements, that can support us in this process.

As well as inumerable nutritionists all over the world i too recommend to take (and i do that myself every single day) some extra supplements apart from a good, balanced diet. My choice is the OPTIMAL SET (PR)  , a natural supplement that provides on a daily basis all minerals, vitamins and life force nutrients that my body need for an optimal wellbeing.

No matter what life brings and how your diet is, due to its exclusive concept the Optimal Set balances your body by providing everything, that you don´t receive through your diet and thus provides the perfect nutrition. The result:  you can enjoy an optimal wellbeing.

By Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, therapist and coach.


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