Why Omega-3-fatty acids?

Omega-3-fatty acids are essential elements in our bodies, which are not produced by the body and thus need to be added with our nutrition.

They are very important not only for the development of a child but also help to maintain our bodies to be healthy.

You can find Omega-3-fatty acids for example in cold water fish such as  hering, makrele, salmon, sardine, tuna and krill as well as in some specific micro algas from the sea.

In plant based fat and oil you will find ALA (alpha-linolacid), a kind of „primarily step“, from which the body can build up the biological more activ EPA and DHA.

Why do we consider Omega-3 fatty acids as so important?

Omega-3-fatty acids can be supportive:

– for a better brain function and eyesight for children

– to balance high blood pressure

– to lower high cholesterol

– in cases of diabetes

– to prevent osteoporosis, specially important for women in menopause

– to relieve chronic inflammation

– the treatment of asthma, bipolarity, depression

– to get pregnant as well as pregnancy and breast feeding time

– to improve blood circulation

– to prevent heart attacks

– a balanced heart rhythm

– good health for the eyes

– a healthy brainfunction and metabolism

– athlets in training and competition

Nabila G. Welk, therapist, nutritionist, spiritual guide and abundance coach.

This text is only for informational purpose and does not intend to give medical advice. If you suffer from disease or un-wellness, please see a doctor.


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