Yoga – “Body Work” to get sweaty?

Working a lot in social media, i received some interesting messages about yoga over the last days….
One idea specifically came up in different words, that surprised me a bit…

Means, the focus in practising yoga lots of people seem to take…

Some of the messages included:
– yoga is very difficult
– you do yoga, do you also meditate?
– yoga is great to get sweaty

These are some of the quotes not only from Western, but also from Indian people.

Which made me wonder, how the idea of yoga changed over the last years…..

I personally meditated and practised the so called asanas, before I even ever heard the word yoga. All my life i “went inside myself”, disconnecting from the outside for short or longer moments. Doing that was something “normal” for me, nothing to reflex about or to wonder… or to give it a name such as “meditation” or “yoga”.

As a dancer later i started to develop certain movements and body postures, for myself and for my classes, that helped me to more flexibility as well as to “get into myself” in a different way. Still nothing about yoga….  And then, at a certain time, i got connected with people who practised yoga. Yoga in different ways, with body work only as a complementary part in it….

So, getting back to the beginning of this post:

Simply said: YOGA is NOT difficult – NOT only an exercise to get sweaty – NOT body work….

Uff, hard stuff now, right? Not what you hear all day around, in the magazines, your local social center and from your fitness coach.

Yes, of course it includes physical work (Asanas = body postures), but that is only one, small part of yoga.

If not the smallest of all….Great for body and mind, because practising these asanas, you have to breath properly, thus get more flexibility and often you might get into a state of meditation during the practise. All of that very beneficial for body and mind.

Though again, this is only a small part of yoga and definetly not important to get sweaty (and as you might imagine now, i am not a follower of Bikram yoga in a hot room, though if you like it: great for you. 😉 )

Yoga has different ways and you can say steps that altogether help to an abundant life.

Really very simple.                                                                                                                            Not easy on all steps and not difficult either.                                                                                               Just ONE way to get your body, mind and spirit aligned.

In resumen, talking about yoga nowadays focusses a lot on the physical yoga part.
Totally fine, nothing wrong about it, but at the end it is only a small part of it.

ENJOY and take your time to feel it and to love it. No pressure, no need to get sweaty, no need to reach a certain “level” in a certain time….                                                                        YOGA is about aligning body, mind & spirit – not practising for the Olympics.

BTW: no need to go to an ashram to practise: a quiet space at home is all you need.

By: Nabila G. Welk, spiritual guide, therapist, coach and Jikiden Reiki shihan. Yoga lover and #LifeIsSimple believer.



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