Reiki & Awakening Spirituality

Good morning lovely people.

Yesterday i was interviewed for an international Reiki congres and was asked about my spiritual path and my Reiki path.

Made me talk for the first time in public about my spiritual experiences and how Reiki came later into my life as well… the basic for everything i do now: spreading love, health and abundance.

It made me also think about how easy it really can be to make important changes in your life, to shift your energies and your vibration… and how complicated we human beings can make it …. (i am the best example and could hold an entire seminar about: how NOT to do it… lol)

My life motto is: Life Is Simple and what not works out is (mostly) because of our (own) vibrations…

You know this feeling/thinking: i am down and everybody around me is depressed….. i always attract the same abusive man/woman into my life…. whenever i get money, directly something happens and it goes out for something unexpected…. I am always with bad luck….
Or even this way: great, now that i´m fine everybody invites me and wants to be with me, but when i was down and needed somebody, nobody was there….

Get the idea?

Your health and abundance is in your own hands, in your own thinking and with reiki it can be a first step to get it (back).

Try it out!

Not everybody has these spiritual experiences and “wakening ups” i went through, and it doesn´t matter; no path is better or worse than another, it´s your PERSONAL path!

For sure you have somebody in your area who will happily provide you with a reiki treatment; preferably somebody who has experience with traditional Jikiden Reiki, though anybody you feel comfortable with is fine.

Might not be your “awakening” then but might wake you up to start making changes in your life. 😉

ENJOY and start shifting your energy! You will feel the difference asap!

And you will L V E IT! Promised!

Have a wonderful day my lovely!


By: Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki shihan with the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai in Kyoto, therapist and coach.

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