Q & A: I heard, there is “different reiki”?

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Adding more Q + A to this page, reflecting about different views of reiki.

People frequently ask me: what kind of reiki do you practise? I made the first/second/third/master etc. degree with this x person and in that x reiki style and would like to go on with my training with you, can i do that? I am a practitioner forUsui reiki, what is the difference to “your” reiki etc….. Which reiki is the best?…..Why is there different reiki?

Here a short resumé with Q + A:

In my personal point of view, there does not exist “different reiki”. That simple it could be.

Talking about reiki is talking about “universal energy”, “divine energy”, “cosmic energy” etc… No matter what name you give it, reiki is something that has been existing for ever and will exist forever. There is no better or worse, it is natural, loving energy.

Though, talking about reiki in our contemporary society, we normally refer to the reiki teaching of Mikao Usui sensei from Japan, with all its colourful modifications from the West, where its worldwide diffusion started last century.

Thus, reiki is reiki and its sole real differences can be found in what further techniques have been added as well as the way how to use and how to apply this beautiful energy.

Tadao Yamaguchi sensei, co-foundor of the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai with his mother, the late Chiyoko Yamaguchi sensei, direct disciples of  masters Usui and Hayashi, explains reiki this way:

What is reiki? Explained by Tadao Yamaguchi sensei

My replies to the above questions could be like this:

Q: What reiki (style) do you practise?

A: I teach traditional reiki (jikiden = direct transmission) according to the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (institute) in Kyoto, currently the purest and most direct training worldwide, the same way how it has been done last century by the first reiki masters and founder Mikao Usui in Japan. In Jikiden Reiki we follow these teachings as correct as possible without complementing other techniques or modifications.

Q: I made my first/second/third/master degree with this x person and that x reiki style and would like to go on with my training with you, is that possible?

A: After many years studying and teaching different ways of transmitting reiki, for the last 10 years i have been teaching solely Jikiden Reiki and don´t teach any other forms of reiki anymore, neither student nor teacher levels. Thus, if you would like to learn traditional reiki and your basis is Western reiki with all its modifications, then you needed to start from the beginning again.

Q: I practise Usui reiki, which difference is that to “your reiki”?

R: “My reiki” is traditional Japanese reiki without modifications (see above) and is the purest teaching as far as we know, according to reiki master Usui and his master student Dr. Hayashi. I don´t know what you learnt, but everything is “Usui reiki”, it´s the basis to what we call reiki and only the modifications and complementary techniques are what makes a difference in “style”. 🌞

Q: Which reiki (style) is the best?

A: It´s your decision and preference how to work with reiki. As i explained above, reiki is reiki. That`s it! Having studied all mayor reiki lines up to master degree, for me personally the traditional (jikiden) way is what i like most, it´s pure and simple and therefore i work with it and share it.

If you prefer one of the many Western ways of reiki: Great! My favourite is the original/traditional way and yours the Western way: important is, to transmit it with love. ❤ None of it is “better”.

Q: Why is there different reiki?

A: After all this now you have no doubts anymore, right? The human being likes to make their lives complicated, we are like that…. We don´t trust the pure and simple, we always like to add something more to make it “better” and thus often the outcome is more complicated (and sometimes not only not better but not as good…)…. Master Usui has prepared everything very easy and simple for us, if you prefer to do it different and more complicated: don´t worry, do it as you like! Reiki is reiki and will be reiki …..

Enjoy your reiki path, no matter which name “your reiki” has or what else has be added: it is a beautiful and wonderful path! ❤

By Nabila G. Welk, shihan/master teacher of the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai in Kyoto/Japan, resident in Spain/canary islands.

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