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Have you ever heard people saying, for example: that for practising Reiki you must dress in white? That you cannot receive Reiki or worse, attune students, when you have your menstruation? That you cannot receive Reiki, when you are already a Reiki master and the giver is only first or second level, that Mikao Usui was a Christian missionary….and so on…..

I frequently get asked about things like that and am stunned sometimes, about the mis-concepts in and about Reiki.

Lots of this mistaken information is still from times, when we did hardly know anything about Usuis life and the Reiki history. Teacher, who studied Reiki and never updated their knowledge with new developments about the origins, give these ideas to their students, who give them to theirs and so on…. All in good faith, Continue reading QUESTIONS & DOUBTS

How is Jikiden Reiki different from Usui Reiki?

“A frequently asked question by Western trained reiki practitioners. My collegue Gisela Stewart from simplyjikidenreiki explains some of the similarities and differences. “

Simply Jikiden Reiki

Mikao Usui SenseiAnd what would an Usui Reiki Master get from taking this class? How often have I been asked this question in person or by email. This time, though, I have been asked in a public way, so I thought I had perhaps best answer in public, too. First of all: Jikiden Reiki is Usui Reiki, as this simple hand-healing method started with Mikao Usui in Japan in 1922. ‘Jikiden’ means directly transmitted, and in the Japanese language and culture, is a term that refers to a traditional art form,  passed on carefully from teacher to student without changes.

Chiyoko and Tadao YamaguchiChiyoko Yamaguchi, who had learned Reiki from one of the teachers trained by Usui Sensei, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, and her son Tadao decided to pass on what they had learned from Dr. Hayashi after they had met with many Western Reiki practitioners and realised how much the practice had changed, with so many…

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