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Finding inner peace with Reiki

One of the most desired goals for us human beings is to find happiness and inner peace.

Usui sensei has not been a difference, in contrary.

He was seeking for it most of his life and thanks to his re-searchs, got enlightened and founded the traditional Japanese Reiki system.

So, talking about enlightenment, what exactly does that mean?

In shortly, we can distinguish between Satori and Anyin Riyu Mei.

Enlightenment generally can be explained as an awakening to your true nature of understanding and comprehension, your essence.

This is your most natural state in which you are born, in complete peace of mind, without fears, worries nor doubts.

Unfortunately, during our life we get unbalanced and lose this natural, healthy state and not only get physically, emotionally and mental sick but also unhappy…

SATORI 悟り is a Japanese Zen Buddhist term for awakening or comprehension; understanding”. It is derived from the Japanese verb satoru.

It refers to A DEFINED MOMENT of no-mind, of complete presence – happiness. Enlightenment.

Everybody experiences moments of Satori during their lifetime. The moment of giving birth, making divine love, enjoying nature …. you might have had moments of total happiness and peace for a moment: that is Satori. The more spiritually awakened and advanced you are, the more moments like that will be in your life.

Though the human beings search is for eternal enlightenment, we are never satisfied with only “a bit”. The difference is obvious: there is nothing better than this sensation of happiness, this inner peace without fears. All problems get solved by themselves because we are totally in alinement with universe and thus no need to worry… This state of eternal peace of mind is called Anyin Riyu Mei and is the ultimate state of enlightenment.

How can i achieve enlightenment?

Normally there is no easy, direct way to enlightenment and less a “flash” method, though some people are very privileged and achieve it naturally, without seeking.

So again, what can i do to achieve it?

After he achieved his enlightenment himself, Usui sensei told people to give and practise Reiki every day, thus promoting overall health and love to the world. Parts of it was also to chant the Gokai twice a day and to recite the Waka of the Emperor Meiji.


Live in balance…. meditate…. take care not only of your emotional and mental health, but also of your physical health, eating healthy and exercising…

Love others the way you want to be loved: unconditionally. Treat others the way you want to be treated: with respect and kindness….

Nothing special, nothing out of the world: live the best way you can be. Everything else then comes by itself….

By Nabila G. Welk, Jikiden Reiki shihan, spiritual guide & therapist.


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Distance Reiki – Enkaku Reiki

Hello lovely:

Due to the actual lockdown here in Spain, my consultation is closed as well and thus no direct sessions possible.

Though the possibility for distance healing is open as usual, to a very reduced fee of only 20€ until end of lockdown, so that everybody can get their reiki sessions for a healthy body and mind.

Best way to book your place directly by WhatsApp:

or get in contact with me through the contact form on this page.

These are the available times: (hour Madrid/Berlin):

6:00am – 7:00am – 8:00am – 7:00pm – 8:00pm – 9:00pm – 10:00pm

As always these are individual sessions, thus please book your space asap to avoid disappointment, places go strictly by first comes, first served.

Have a wonderful day!




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Do you get a good rest at night?

Welcome back 


Though if not, if you are one of millions of people who have problems with insomnia and who cannot find a profound and healthy rest, then go on reading…..… You might find some helpful tips to improve your condition: 


FACT IS: A deep, undisturbed sleep is essential for a healthy brain and that toxins, during the day accumulated, can be eliminated. Two different types of cells can support the elimination of a toxic protein that often can be found in brains of Alzheimer patients. To clear it out can support the repair and regeneration of the brain.

Lack of sleep can affect the functioning of these cells and the elimination of toxins and has an opposite effect in damaging the healthy tissue. 🙄
Just one sleepless night can have negative results on your health.  

SO, HOW CAN YOU SLEEP BETTER ? Here a few suggestions: 👇

– have at least 4 hours between dinner and bedtime (specially if you eat a heavy dinner); thus your body can digest properly before sleeping.

– if you suffer from dropping sugar during the night, try to eat some almonds aprox. 30 minute before you go to bed.

– keep your bedroom comfortable and neither too warm nor too cold (aprox. 23°C ).

– a hot drink before going to bed, such as a herbal tea can support a profound sleep.

– make it a habit to apply some minutes of Reiki every morning and evening and you will quickly notice a difference in quality of your sleep.

– i myself discovered some time ago something, which helps me to sleep deeply and without interrupption, waking up refreshed and full of energy like a child. Highly motivated with a clear head comes as an extra.  


Please post your comment below. 👍

Nabila G. Welk, therapist, nutritionist, Jikiden Reiki shihan.




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