CHARITY – Kikis Children Home in Nepal

Asociación Benefica Los Niños de Kiki O.N.G. 0049 1491 72 221 00 86286
Asociación Benefica Los Niños de Kiki O.N.G. Banco Santander 0049 1491 72 221 00 86286

For many years my favourite charity has been a private project, KIKIS CHILDREN HOME in Nepal.

Kiki Edel Kirk, a now retired Danish interior designer, opened about 15 years ago her orphanage home in a village close to Kathmandu.

Overwhelmed  with the poverty and lack of future for the children in Kathmandu, over the years she created a home for more than 30 children. Though originally founded as an orphanage home, she never considered her work limited to its common meaning.

Kiki gave home and future to all of them, “collecting” children from the streets, from her doorstep, where people left them for her….

Most of them were orphans, though some of them also from poor families, who were not able to support their kids.

Kiki not only gave them a home, but also love of a family and mother; this is how they call her: Kiki mummy.

Apart from taking care of her children, loving them, feeding them, dressing them, educating them, Kiki also supported people and families around. Buying a cow here, a sewing machine there, helping to get somebody out of prison, where he was taken innocently for over 4 years without proof of guilt, giving shelter , food and rice…

Kiki did and is still doing this work only with some support of her friends; collecting money for her children, which goes 100% to it. She never takes a single cent for herself, all her personal costs such as living, flights etc. comes from her own pocket and from that goes a lot to the children and people as well. There is no “water head” for any administration etc.

Now most of the kids are older and in training for a profession. Money is needed for that and for Kikis work for the street people and victims of the latest earthquakes. She supports them with food, shelter, medication… Whatever is needed and possible.

Every single cent is needed. There is no such as a donation “too little”.. 🙂

The charity is officially registered in Spain (her place of residency) and can be tax reduced there.

If you like to support these people in Nepal to have a future, please help Kiki in her cause. Your help gives life and future to them and EVERY SINGLE CENT arrives the people. Also spreading word is highly appreciated. Everything helps! 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to ask for further information. I personally support Kiki with “spreading word” and with donations, so please feel free to forward this side to your friends and contacts as well.

If you would like to donate, please see the details below.

Thank you for your attention. ❤

Banco Santander

Asociación Benefica Los Niños de Kiki O.N.G.

0049 1491 72 221008628

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