CHI NEI TSANG – Daoist Abdominal Chi Massage


Originally born from the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Daoists, abdominal massage Chi Nei Tsang includes a holistic approach of healing through energetic touch.

The Daoist monks practised this technique to improve their physical well being, eliminate toxins, strengthen the body and thus maintain their energies high – all with the aim to practise their spiritual exercises.

This holistic work includes all aspects of humanity on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and goes into the very depth of a health problem; working at the source as well as on the symptom.

Literally Chi Nei Tsang means: „To work and transform the energy of the inner organs“.

Achieving a balanced, healthy body, mind and spirit this ancient technique uses a holistic aproach based on the principles of Tai Chi Chuan, to many known as Chi Kung (Gong).

Receiving a CNT treatment the Daoists call the receiver a “student”, not patient nor client. For them CNT is a training to teach practical exercises to maintain ones own well being.

To treat a “student” holistically with CNT, the therapist has to go through an intensive training. This includes physical exercise, nutrition, conscious breathing, meditation such as the six healing sounds and the inner smile and the proper belly massage, to name but a few.

CNT work focuses on the abdominal area. Gentle but firm movements massage and press the belly, very carefully and very profoundly. Thus the therapist performs a deep cleansing of the inner organs, stimulating them and teaching them to work more effectively.

Originally CNT worked on health problems in the entire human system: for example in the digestive system, the cardiac, lymphatic and endocrine system, on the breathing, the reproductive, urinal and muscular system and the energetic, meridian system.

Nowadays usage of CNT is mainly focused on the following:

  • To eliminate toxins

— It helps the system to loosen up blockages, to clean and stimulate the circular and lymphatic system and thus empower them.

  •  to strengthen the body

— It works on the skeletal system and on the position of the inner organs, thus correcting problems of posture. CNT also eliminates the deepest tension and regains vitality.

  •  The person learns to understand himself as a complete human being in body and mind.

— To practise the different CNT techniques supports well being on all levels and opens up options to maintain it.

  • To learn to cope with emotions and not to be overruled by them.

— All emotion is stored in the digestive system and manifests in digestive disorders and thus in bad health. CNT teaches to transform this negative energy into healthy energy.

 In resume: Chi Nei Tsang is a practical and generally comfortable technique to regain and maintain health and well being and is also an excellent complementary to traditional Western medicine and psychotherapy.

CNT before and after an operation can help to recover better and faster, can improve chronic back ache, neck and shoulder pain as well as bad positioning of feet, legs and hips.

 Apart from treatments I frequently offer 1-day introductory workshops of Chi Nei Tsang, to learn some simple and beneficial tools to apply to others as well as to  yourself. Please have a look at the AGENDA. 

By: Nabila Welk, Chi Nei Tsang therapist with WUHTIF-Mantak Chia


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