Jikiden Reiki Objectives

1. To publish illustrations of the effectiveness and document people’s experiences of Reiki.
2. To enable people to use Reiki as an effective complement to conventional medical care.
3. To introduce the effectiveness of Reiki to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, thereby initiating its use in conjunction with Western medicine in the conventional medical field.
4. To introduce the use of Reiki for medical care in the household. This should help to break dependence on everyday allopathic remedies and conventional drugs.
5. The ultimate objective here is twofold. Firstly people will become healthier as their bodies start to remember how to heal themselves without chemical substances introduced from the outside. Secondly there will be a significant reduction in the amount of medical waste, a positive effect on the environment, which can be global in scale.

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Spiritual guide, medium, traditional reiki, therapy & coaching: with passion, love & dedication for a happy life full of abundance. First official Jikiden Reiki branch in Spain since 2007 by shihan Nabila G. Welk ナビーラ・G.ヴェルク.

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