Questions, which come up frequently; answered by Tadao Yamaguchi sensei, president of the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai in Kyoto. Reviewed in May 2015.

I have heard that you can use Reiki for the rest of your life once you learn it. Is it true?
Yes, you can use it for the rest of your life. I have been using it for 50 years and my mother used it for 65 years. Even so, the most important thing is to continue using it.
Is it possible to join Jikiden Reiki even I am a Reiki teacher of a Western lineage? If it is possible, should I start from the first level?
Yes, of course you can join the class with us but we will have to ask you to start from the first level(Shoden). Quite a few Reiki teachers of Western lineages have joined us in the past and they were pleased to find a lot of discovery.
 Are there teacher courses in Jikiden Reiki system?
 Yes, in Jikiden Reiki, teachers are called Shihan. Those who wish to become a teacher need to advance their level step by step – first to the Shihankaku level (pre-teacher) and then Shihan. (by completing certain assignments given in each level. For details, please see the Teacher Course page.)
 Are there any advanced courses in Jikiden Reiki system?
 No, there are no particular advanced classes. In Jikiden Reiki, we have regular Shoden/Okuden courses and teacher Shihankaku/Shihan courses. If you would like to deepen your learning, we recommend you to rejoin these courses.
Is there some kine of connections between Jikiden Reiki and Rocky Mountain Mystery School (RMMS)?
We are completely different organizations, however, a lot of RMMS members have taken Jikiden Reiki courses. A lot of them have been working hard to abide by our rules and have been actively propagating Jikiden Reiki.
Did Chiyoko Yamaguchi complete Shinpi-den?
She was given a qualification as a teacher by Chujiro Hayashi Sensei of Hayashi Reiki Institute and was given permission to conduct Reiju. In 1942, she moved to Manchuria upon marriage. Mrs. Chie Hayashi, wife of Hayashi Sensei told her to propagate Reiki there but she had to halt the activity and come back to Japan because she could not stay there after Japan lost its war(WW2).
Is there any connection between Jikiden Reiki and Komyo Reiki?
There is no connection at all. Mr.Hyakuten Inamoto was never Chiyoko’s student. There have been a lot of confusions on this so that we have to clarify this here.
 I have heard that Chiyoko sensei had trained 4 apprentices and one of them was Mr. Hyakuten Inamoto. I also heard that she had trained Mr. Inamoto and her son, Tadao Yamaguchi. She asked Mr. Inamoto to establish Komyo Reiki and asked Tadao Yamaguchi to establish Jikiden Reiki before she passed away. Is it true?
 She had a few apprentices even before starting the Jikiden Reiki Institute. But none of them are conducting seminars (teaching Reiki) now. Since Chiyoko sensei established the Jikiden Reiki Institute, she had trained 5 Shihans, and 90 Shihan-kaku. Please refer to the Jikiden Reiki official website.
There is an official protest letter against Mr. Hyakuten Inamoto that was written by Chiyoko sensei. The letter says:

“I (Chiyoko Yamaguchi) never trained you (Mr. Hyakuten Inamoto) as my apprentice nor my student. Please do not use my name, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, in your Reiki manual which you use in your classes… Please delete my name, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, from your website…”

She has delivered this official letter to him and the original letter is preserved in the Jikiden Reiki Institute Kyoto office.

It has been 12 years since Chiyoko sensei passed away in 2003. We continue to receive many questions with regards to Mr. Hyakuten Inamoto. We no longer would like to create any more confusion about it and have decided to make this clarification public. If you would like to see the official letter that was written by Chiyoko sensei, please let us know and visit Jikiden Reiki Institute main branch in Kyoto.

In 2003, a book written by Tadao Yamaguchi in Japan original for the translated book, “Jikiden Reiki – Light on the origins of Reiki” was published.
Prior to this book, we had never submitted any articles to particular authors or given any permissions to place documents (for example, photos) belong to us in books or website, etc. at home and abroad except Mr. Frank Arjava Petter from Germany. When you find some information regarding Jikiden Reiki (about the institute, Chiyoko Yamaguchi and Tadao Yamaguchi), please carefully check the year the book was published and credibility of the information source.

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