GOKAI – The 5 Reiki Principles

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GOKAI in Kanji

After healing people for weeks, Usui sensei noticed that some of them returned with the same or similar symptoms as before, even that they seemed to be healed after his sessions.

His conclusion was, that healing needed not only done by him, but it was also needed, that the person him/herself worked on it.

Thus he told them to chant the Gokai, the 5 reiki principles; every day three times in the morning and in the evening and to reflex about the WAKA of the emperador Meiji.

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In Jikiden Reiki we learn to chant them in its original, Japanese version. Sometimes people ask, if it is possible to do it in their native language: Tadao Yamaguchis respond: “The Gokai were prepared by Usui sensei in Japanese. I learned them this way and know, that their healing powers work well, because people are chanting them as a mantra for a long time. I don´t know if that is the case in another language, thus we teach the students in our seminars to use the original version.”

You can sense the wonderful healing energy of the GOKAI even if you are not attuned to Reiki. Chant them out loudly (why not print out the pic above) or simply listen to the recording below. In a short period of time you will feel a difference inside yourself and in your environment. 💥

H E R E  you can listen to the Gokai in Japanese.



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4 thoughts on “GOKAI – The 5 Reiki Principles”

  1. I landed in Lanzarote and hopped on a road bike.
    Two sessions – with reflexology – worked some mid Atlantic magic.
    Not too hard, not too soft – just the right mix.
    And a sore quad and calf muscle were cured, with some useful advice.
    To be recommended.


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