With gratitude to all my masters, thanks to them I can transmit this beautiful and loving energy to my students as well (missing Arjava Petter in this listing, who was my first Jikiden Reiki teacher for shoden + okuden) ❤

My Jikiden Reiki lineage

All Jikiden Reiki teacher (shihan-kaku and shihan) are listed on the official Japanese website.


Nabila G. Welk

Listed on the 37th Certified Shihan Training, May 23rd, 2008, shihan no. 100 worldwide.

linage lineage Jikiden Reiki España, shihan maestra Nabila G. Welk
Linaje: Usui, Hayashi, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, Tadao Yamaguchi, Nabila G. Welk

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Spiritual guide, medium, traditional reiki, therapy & coaching: with passion, love & dedication for a happy life full of abundance. First official Jikiden Reiki branch in Spain since 2007 by shihan Nabila G. Welk ナビーラ・G.ヴェルク.

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