What is Reiki 靈氣 ? -3-

How often have you heard talking about reiki as an “alternative therapy?

Actually, we should consider the word “traditional therapy” or “complementary”  補数.

In our society it often complements our modern medicine (and why not use it a lot more), though it is a very ancient remedy, has been traditionally used for a very long time and also separately from other treatments, not only complementing them. Very TRADITIONAL!

What is Reiki 靈氣 ? – 1 –

Often i get asked: What is reiki?

You can explain that with a long story, though at the end it is very short and easy:

Reiki is, simply said: LOVE ❤    Ai 愛 (in Japanese)

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http://www.JapanKalligraphy.eu AI – Love

(This beautiful calligraphy and many more you can find on: http://www.JapanKalligraphy.eu )

KURAMA YAMA 鞍馬山 – Holy mountain, home of Senju-Kannon, buddha of love and compassion

KURAMA YAMA – holy mountain and home of Senju-Kannon, buddha of love and compassion.   Main entrance.
The place, where master/sensei Mikao Usui went to get prepared to die and where he finally found illumination and discovered reiki-ho, the secret method of inviting happiness and health to peoples lifes.

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Spiritual guide, medium, traditional reiki, therapy & coaching: with passion, love & dedication for a happy life full of abundance. First official Jikiden Reiki branch in Spain since 2007 by shihan Nabila G. Welk ナビーラ・G.ヴェルク.

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