What is Reiki 靈氣 ? – 1 –

Often i get asked: What is reiki?

You can explain that with a long story, though at the end it is very short and easy:

Reiki is, simply said: LOVE ❤    Ai 愛 (in Japanese)

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http://www.JapanKalligraphy.eu AI – Love

(This beautiful calligraphy and many more you can find on: http://www.JapanKalligraphy.eu )

KURAMA YAMA 鞍馬山 – Holy mountain, home of Senju-Kannon, buddha of love and compassion

KURAMA YAMA – holy mountain and home of Senju-Kannon, buddha of love and compassion.   Main entrance.
The place, where master/sensei Mikao Usui went to get prepared to die and where he finally found illumination and discovered reiki-ho, the secret method of inviting happiness and health to peoples lifes.

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10 Reasons Why Learning Jikiden Reiki Is So Incredibly Empowering:  

Simply Jikiden Reiki

  1. Stress: If you’re stressed, anxious or tired all the time, Reiki gives you simple, accessible tools to improve your energy levels and your state of mind. People report unexpected encounters with happiness after Jikiden Reiki sessions! *
  2. Low immune system: If you’re run down and find yourself catching every bug that is going, being ill more often and longer than most people around you, Reiki gives you a simple and effective method to build up your immune system again.
  3. Chronic Conditions: If you struggle with a chronic illness (often difficult to treat with modern medicine), daily self-reiki treatment can improve your quality of life and, over time, your chances of recovery
  4. Cancer: If you or your nearest suffer from cancer, Reiki has been proven to alleviate anxiety, and experience shows that it can be tremendously helpful in lessening the side-effects of conventional cancer therapies.
  5. End-of-life care: Reiki can be a wonderful…

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