Price list Reiki

Official Jikiden Reiki Training (At current date: 01.01.2020)

New students              Repeater

Shoden     250,-€           150,-€ (min.three students)

Okuden     450,-€          100,-€

Shihan-Kaku (please consult)

Shihan (please consult)

Prices include all class material, REGISTRATION with the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai in Kyoto/Japan,  a beautiful CERTIFICATE in latin language directly after the seminar and another one, handmade in kanji from Japan and attuned, fruits, tea and water.

Lifelong support from the center in Japan and the right to repeat the classes worldwide for a reduced fee.

Reiju Kai for jikiden reiki practitioners:

30,-€ (min. three students)

Taiken Kai (open reiki meeting)

Free of charge (donations welcome for our charity in Kathmandu)


Talks/conferences for hospitals & charity organisations

free of charge (donations welcome for our charity in Katmandu)

Reiki treatment

60 min.       60,-€               90 min.       80,-€

House/hotel visits possible for mobility limited patients.

Distant reiki (Enkaku reiki)

30 min.       30,-€               60 min.       50,-€


Please enquire about details for classes and ATTUNEMENTS for children. 🙂

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Spiritual guide, medium, traditional reiki, therapy & coaching: with passion, love & dedication for a happy life full of abundance. First official Jikiden Reiki branch in Spain since 2007 by shihan Nabila G. Welk ナビーラ・G.ヴェルク.

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