REIJU 霊授 (attunement)

REIJU, in English commonly called “attunement” is a ritual between teacher and student, in which the teacher works as a channel to take the student back into their natural, healthy state with a “pure and clean” soul.

Actually an attunement does not exit in the sense of the word, thus we prefer to stick to the original Japanese word REIJU 霊授.

Because of our way of life, our souls have stains and are loaded; to maintain it pure, one of the most important parts of the first Reiki seminar is its cleansing through this beautiful ritual; to make sure its efficiency, this is repeated at least three times.

Which means, three times through their teachers, though in Jikiden Reiki we share even more.

In case that there are more teachers assisting in the seminar, those will actively participate in giving Reiju. Thus the experience could be a lot more intensive and impressive for the student, who receives not only three but 6, 9, 12…. Reiju from several teachers.

I personally had this wonderful experience in my first Shihan-Kaku seminar, when i received Reiju from about 12 teachers. From the 2nd day of class until the end of the week i was literally “floating” all day because of the amount of energy received.

A truly amazing and unforgettable experience!

To maintain this pure state Mikao Usui recommended to repeat Reiju at least once a month as well as daily Reiki practice.

In Jikiden Reiki all practitioners have the possibility to repeat and to refresh all seminars, completely or in parts as well as to receive Reiju.

Please check out my REIJU-KAI page for more information.

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