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Yoga – “Body Work” to get sweaty?

Working a lot in social media, i received some interesting messages about yoga over the last days….
One idea specifically came up in different words, that surprised me a bit…

Means, the focus in practising yoga lots of people seem to take…

Some of the messages included:
– yoga is very difficult
– you do yoga, do you also meditate?
– yoga is great to get sweaty

These are some of the quotes not only from Western, but also from Indian people. Continue reading Yoga – “Body Work” to get sweaty?

Do you meditate?

Scientific search shows, that as little as only 10 minutes MEDITATION daily can improve your well-being.

Not bad, only a few minutes daily to feel better….

“But i cannot meditate” i often hear from people. So, why not?

There seem to be a common misunderstanding about what meditation is. Lots of people have an image in their mind of sitting cross-legged (the first challenge!), Continue reading Do you meditate?


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STOP PRESS! MY NEW AGENDA UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR (FOR LANZAROTE, weekly events). Please have a look at my seminar agenda for workshop dates and please ask for events and dates in other places than Lanzarote).

Please forward this information to your friends who suffer from cancer and fibromialgia, i have some spaces available for consultation and to enter into my case studies.

MONDAY: Reiki day. Each session for only 30,-€,  unemployed 15,-€ or work swop.

WEDNESDAY + THURSDAY (mornings) : Spiritual guidance (online). If you feel trapped or on a crossroad, your life does not move the way you wish (personally and professionally), then we connect with your guides to find your true path.

Other days: as always, consultation by appointment. Please book your space early, so that you don’t get disappointed by staying out. 🙂

Have a wonderful day, full of peace and love, beautiful hearts. ❤ ❤ ❤