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Listing of teachers who received their Gokai

 An emotional moment and very memorable is always, when a reiki practitioner achieves teacher level.

As shihan-kaku (first level teacher) they have the right to purchase their personal Gokai and as shihan (master/teacher) they are obliged to present the 5 life principles (Gokai) in all their seminars and in public events.

A  piece of art, hand made for the teacher and with lots of energy.

I was very happy and grateful, when i received mine in our institute (Kenkyukai) in Kyoto (shihan no. 100 in the world in May 2008). 🌞

Here the listing (May 2016) of the teachers, who received their Gokai:

Teachers with GOKAI

Do you meditate?

Scientific search shows, that as little as only 10 minutes MEDITATION daily can improve your well-being.

Not bad, only a few minutes daily to feel better….

“But i cannot meditate” i often hear from people. So, why not?

There seem to be a common misunderstanding about what meditation is. Lots of people have an image in their mind of sitting cross-legged (the first challenge!), Continue reading Do you meditate?

What is Reiki 靈氣 ? -3-

How often have you heard talking about reiki as an “alternative therapy?

Actually, we should consider the word “traditional therapy” or “complementary”  補数.

In our society it often complements our modern medicine (and why not use it a lot more), though it is a very ancient remedy, has been traditionally used for a very long time and also separately from other treatments, not only complementing them. Very TRADITIONAL!