This Webpage is for you! ❤

My name is Nabila G. Welk


Spiritual guide, therapist and life coach.

If you are reading this now, that is because you are on a crossroad: your life doesn’t go how you would like to; may be your private life, may be the professional.

Often both comes together or you have spiritual questions, which you cannot answer by yourself. You are looking for answers, though can’t ask anybody or haven’t found the person yet, with whom you feel comfortable and secure to talk to.

That sounds familiar, right?  🙂

Somebody gave you the link? Or yourself saw the page “by accident”?

At the end, that doesn’t really matter! You found me!


I am very happy that you are here with me!

So, who is: ME

According to some people: a woman with lots of different faces.

Though, seriously, that is not really correct. I am a woman, I am human and I am spiritual.

A woman, who does not like to be “stamped” and put into a catergory.

My life has been full of ups and downs starting in my earliest childhood; and when i fell, i got up again.

Born as a prostigious child, i worked on different professions over my life until i found my true path as a spiritual guide. It was a long process, sometimes hard and sometimes beautiful; and some precious moments at which i got kicked into the right direction.

Some very painful moments in my life, when my mum died in very young age and i went through several accidents over the years – all accompaning this process of path finding.

I am a natural born healer, though had no awareness of that until a spiritual experience in 1999; from that moment on all strange things in my life were suddenly clearly explained. Three months later I experienced another one and suddenly started to heal with consciousness. All this happened without looking or seeking for it; it simply happened and i opened my heart wide and trustfull to welcome this new path with gratefulness.

This path of helping others to heal themselves: body, mind and spirit.

The way my beginnings and awakening happened, i never had any doubts or fears about anything. Everything felt perfectly right and wonderful.

I am very aware that i am extremly priviledged and guided and my only concern is, to transmit everything in the best way to the person, who comes to me for help and guidance for their path.

At the beginning, most people came for physical healing.

Nowadays there are more and more people coming to me who are spiritually very advanced and in need for guidance for their path.

Whatever and whoever is always very welcomed and it is wonderful to do what i do; I love my work and it fills my heart with joy and love. I never judge and never interprete, simply do my work.

After a couple of years working spiritually and with consciousness, somebody invited me to join a reiki seminar.

A few years later, after having studied several different reiki lines and trained lots of students in reiki, I was still not totally happy with what i had learned and was teaching; and then i had the opportunity to study with reiki master Arjava Petter, who introduced me to traditional (jikiden in Japanese) reiki.

Finally i felt fully in a line with reiki. Everything i did not like before, lots of things, which had nothing to do with Japanese culture, chakras, meditations from India, China etc; a mixture of lots of techniques. Not that these things were bad, it just did not feel right for me to have them together as Reiki healing. I frequently told my students in class, to forget parts of the teaching, once they had enough practise to sense what their hands told them and to be creative…None of those mixtures were part of the genuine, Japanese reiki. And then i found out, that literally everything i didn’t like in the reiki i had learned before did not exist in traditional reiki. 😀

Since then (2006) I only practise traditional reiki and started to teach it in 2007 as the Kenkyukais (institute) first branch in Spain.

Apart from that, during those next years my spiritual habilities improved rapidly and i also studied different manual therapies up to teacher level as well as psychology studies, coaching etc. A full package on top of my over 25 years as a professional dancer and bodyworker.

Since then lots of people came to my consultation and lots of students. I feel eternally grateful for that!

Though, until 2014 I still have not been able to say clearly who I was and what i did. 🙂 There were no doubts about my path, though I needed to learn to walk it.

Now that you read this, you can see clearly who I am, don’t you? 🙂

The person, who will help you to find your path to a life full of abundance: happiness, health…

How does that work? The big question. 😉

It depends on which moment in life you are on your personal path 🙂

First we have a chat….

May be you decide to join one of my international seminars in traditional reiki or on the magic island of Lanzarote and that could enligthen your future.

May be you decide to book a consultation to work on your body, on your emotional body, on your professional blockages….

May be you directly ask for a consultation for spiritual guidance….

I chose my tools according to what you need; and the loving healing energy helps on all steps of the process.

Looking forward to seeing you.


Nabila G. Welk

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Spiritual guide, medium, traditional reiki, therapy & coaching: with passion, love & dedication for a happy life full of abundance. First official Jikiden Reiki branch in Spain since 2007 by shihan Nabila G. Welk ナビーラ・G.ヴェルク.

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